Elbow And Wrist Pain Causes & Treatments

The function of the elbow and wrist are closely related.

In that many of the muscles which stabilise and control the movements of the hand and wrist originate at the elbow, understanding the connection is key when addressing elbow and wrist pain.

In acute cases elbow injuries typically arise because of a collision, with overuse typically being responsible for chronic elbow, wrist and shoulder pain. Chiropractic care can form part of a management plan, which will often also include rest and some form of support or splinting.

There are also structures which refer to the elbow, wrist and hand, particularly muscles and nerves originating from the shoulder and neck, contributing to wrist, shoulder and elbow pain. Some causes are non-mechanical in nature, such as rheumatoid arthritis which has an autoimmune origin. Your presenting symptoms will be thoroughly assessed during your initial consultation and you will be referred for further investigations where necessary.