About Ray

Ray is a registered and practising chiropractor in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. After four year of study, Ray graduated from the AECC University College, and worked at a busy clinic in Bedford. He then opened his own practice in St Neots, Cambridgeshire in June 2022.

If you have seen chiropractors before, you may feel they can work differently. Ray takes a biomechanical approach; assessing range of motion, strength and stability.  You will be treated in a very hands-on way; using the diversified spinal manipulative technique, joint mobilisations and muscle work. Ray goes through your medications and lifestyle to assess if your metabolic needs are being met, to enable proper healing and the sustained results you would expect.

His first experience with chiropractic was after pulling his back rock climbing and getting sharp shooting pains, promptly stopping him in his tracks. The relief and support from the chiropractor in getting him back to being active sent him down a career-changing rabbit hole.

“Passionate about helping you to feel better and getting back to the things you love